Cartoon Nail Art Design Step By Step Tutorial

Do you want your nails to look unreal.Everybody loves cartoon, So Let’s try something more artistic and fancy – the Cartoon nail art.This tutorial will show you how to achieve the animated effect. Take a look to this tutorial Whenever you looked at your nails its look unreal like a cartoon. You got a lot of compliments after applying this nail art.Let’s forget about the traditional and Ombre effect for a while,Take a look at the Cartoon Nail art tutorial and start decorating it:

1. When your nails are not filed then File the nails into square shape.

2. Apply the base color using pink nail polish. Wait for it do dry completely.

3. Contour the edges of the nail with black nail polish. Using the drawing brush make the lines really thin.

4. Make a white curved line and a dot at one of the sides as shown in picture.

5. Seal the Nail art after decoration with a thick layer of top coat.

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