Constellation Nail Art Tutorial

This nail art is dam cute and it is so quick, easy, and doesn't require different polishes.This nail art looks like constellations. Its took only around 15 minutes to do and you could buy the 3 polishes easily. If you don't have any dotting tool, don't worry there are lots of items around your house you could use to make dots like A ballpoint pen,paint brush etc.You love this Constellation nail art because it is stylish and perfect for the weekend.

1. Apply two coats of nail polish (Black color).

2. Add one coat of White glitter nail polish. Avoid depositing too many of the large glitter.

3. Dip your dotting tool in White nail polish and lay out your star pattern as shown in picture.

4. Use the Nail Art Pen striper to connect the dots. If you don't have this striper then you can use normal ballpoint pen or pencil.

5. Add a fast drying top coat. You are done.

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