Sweet & Sexy Side Braid Tutorial

Looking for a cute braided hairstyle? Check out this sweet & sexy side Braid tutorial.This braided style is incredibly simple and it is a great way to keep your hair out of your face without losing style points.This style is absolutely stunning on someone with long, thick hair.This style will look lovely on anyone who wants to make a round face appear slimmer.
When you want to look gorgeous this is a great option for you.You can add flowers, stars and special accessories on a wedding bun, attach extra artificial hair too.There are many special occassions such as the wedding parties, reception parties, engagement, birthday, friendships day, valentines day and so on, this hairstyle is best suited for any Parties.Follow these steps to make a Sweet & Sexy Side Braid.

1. Apply the hydra pearls first. They will make the hair strong, shiny and with more intense color.
2. Use the rat-tail comb to divide the hair into two sections. Make one of the sections bigger than the other.
3. Start to work with the bigger section. Make the braid by crossing the strands from down below, rather than one above another.
4. Keep braiding until you reach the end of the tail. Make the braid one side.
5. Before securing the tail with a hair band, loosen the strands in order to create a fluffy effect of the braid.
6. At the end tie the hair band and spritz with hair spray to lock the flying hairs.You are done.

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