How To Make A Bow Hairstyle

A bow can finish off the perfect look.To make things funny, you can start with your head and have a new look for your long hair.Weather you are wearing a dress or just a t-shirt and jeans, they will go almost perfect with any outfit.The Bow hairstyles are not just for little girls for young one also.They are cute and can give you a young, and fresh vibe. The bow hairstyles are not too tricky to master.
Yes, you can turn you hair into an actual bow. In this post you see How To Make A Bow Hairstyle.Get ready for a new hairstyle. Instead of using a ribbon you can use your hair and make a bow out of it.You only need is a hair tie, hairspray and bobby pins. With this hairstyle the hair serves as its own accessory. Take a look at the tutorials, they’re easy to do if you follow the step-by-step tutorials.Now lets have a quick look on how to create a twisted bun hairstyle.Try it.

1. Make a ponytail out of the middle section and secure it with a rubber band.
2. Twist it to make a bun.
3. Take the hair from the remaining 2 sections and tightly wrap them around the regular bun that you have already made.
4. Make a split in the middle of the half circle.
5. Pull the hair over the top of the split and pin it down with the hair pin.

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