How to Treat a Hangnail Using Home Remedies

A hangnail is a little piece of dry skin that appears when the skin around your nails does not get a enough supply of oil. They are usually caused by dryness, exposure to harsh chemicals (like using detergents), and bad manicures. Hangnails are more common in women but anyone who has their hands in water a lot, or people who bite their nails on a regular basis, can get hangnails. Anyone who leaves their hands dry a lot will get a hangnail too.There are ways to avoid hangnails and ways to treat them easily.

The best way to prevent or treat hangnails is to keep your skin around nails moisturized.Honey works as a great moisturizing agent because it attracts and retains moisture.

Drop raw or manuka honey on the affected area and leave it on for several hours to soften the cuticles. Do this daily until you get rid of the problem.
You can also apply honey on a regular basis to prevent hangnails.

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