Ombre Heart Manicure Nail Art Tutorial

There is no nail art which is not unique and there is no nail paint which doesn’t look good on your nails. Giving more definition to your manicured nails at home is this new ombre heart manicure nail art which not only is simple and easy to do but actually makes your tips look prettier. Give your nails a new look for this season while you save money on your expensive manicures with this DIY (do it yourself) nail art. Follow this simple tutorial to get the look of the season and bring an element of shine, brightness and freshness to your nails.


Red nail polish
Nude nail polish
Top coat
Hole-reinforced strips


Stick the hole-reinforcement strips on the midway of your nails in a crossing manner such that it forms a heart shape. Then paint the upper portion of the nails with nude color. Let it dry completely. Now after removing the strips, place them again but this time towards your upper tip of the nails which will enable it to again form heart shape. Paint it with red polish. Remove the strips. Let it dry completely. Proceed with the top coat and once it is dry, your ombre heart nail art is ready!

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