Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

Hello friends, Today's post is very special.Trends in the nail art fashion are changing day by day. As the new season approaches the new tutorials are coming out.Today you can Learn how to create the fabulous Galaxy Nails using classic nail polish colors with this tutorial.Free tutorial with pictures on how to paint a galaxy nail in few minutes with makeup sponge. Galaxy nails are notoriously easy to do. There are so many color combinations you can try, but today we have choose the moody blues. We are giving you the easy tutorial that is showing how you can create Galaxy Nail Art.

1. Apply Basecolor. Then sponge on your first layer of light color (we used a pale green) in thin layers and allow to dry.

2. Use a sponge to lightly dab a thin layer of a bright color (we chose pink) onto the base of your Basecolor. Wait one to two minutes so that the colors can dry.

3. Add stars by applying one or two coats of a glitter polish on top of your design.

4. Apply a top coat and you’re ready to show the awesone Galaxy nail art.

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