Excellent Metallic Fizz Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial

Nail art has been quite popular these days. There are a lot of people who are into frenzy nail art. It is appealing to females of all age groups and even small kids adorn nail art nowadays. It is hugely popular with those people who love to keep their nails well manicured and prim with tastefully polished tips. This exquisite metallic fizz nail art design can be easily adored by anyone. It is beautiful, elegant, stylish and sophisticated. Not to forget that this nail art can be done within minutes. Therefore if you want to get your nails done at home then follow these simple steps.


Paint your nails in nude color polish

Take a thin tip brush with strong bristles and dip in it silver nail polish

Now carefully using the tip of the polish, go about making any design of your choice and outline the same.

Now fill the outlined area to complete the design

You can also try and use different circle head pins to make polka dots of varied sizes as a design.

Therefore making a nail art at home is a child’s play once you have the design in mind and required materials to be used in hand.

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