Easy Trick Nail Art Design Tutorial

Making nail art is as easy as drawing with colors. You can save hundreds of bucks if you know how to do it yourself at home. Trying out different designs is even easier if you have a couple of materials required in hand with you. Making sure that you have the materials is essential to complete this nail art with good precision. Also, there are plenty of tutorials which help you get a nail art done at the comfort of your home and you can do the most of the stuff by yourself.

To get this nail art done all you need are few materials and you are good with starting the process. You need one green glitter nail polish, one black nail polish and reinforcement strips cut out in the shapes shown in the images.

To start making this nail art, first paint your nails with the green glitter nail polish. Let it dry fully. Then use the reinforcement strips to form a pattern of your choice or the one shown in the image. Now top it with black colored nail paint and let it dry completely. Remove the strips and your nail art is done. Finish this with a top coat.

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