Green Floral Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial

When it comes to art and creativity there is no dearth we say, in making the best out of the simplest. The same applies to nail art. While many artists put in long hours of heavy duty work into creating a nail art which is no doubt admirable, then there are some (like us) who follow the simpler paths to get our desired results. Nail art is such that anyone can practice and perfect it with very less effort and there is even less investment required. You probably have all the things required at your home. All that is required is some time and patience (for the polish to dry!) and you have a good nail art for yourself ready in no time!

All the material you require is nail polishes of your choice of colors. You can try this green and black combination provided in the tutorial if your heart desires. Start by polishing your nails with the green nail paint. Then proceed with the steps to make a floral print with black nail paint. This you can add a touch of glitter of nail ornaments like blue studs in order to complete this nail art design. In that case, you may want to avoid the top coat.

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