Animal Neon Combo Print Nail Art Design Tutorial

One thing about nail art is that no matter if you are arts or not and no matter how creative you are or not, the simplest of designs can bring out a huge difference in your nail polish styling. Painting your preciously manicured tips is one thing but taking it to a different level altogether is another. Adding just a few elements of style and a touch of creativity can turn a mundane nail paint job into a real eye catcher. Get going with the stylish new design in animal neon combo print nail art by which you can allure many eyes and get real compliment from your friends and colleagues.

You need a sponge, some scotch tape strips or reinforcement strips and nail polishes of varied colors to get this nail art. Follow the steps which are given in the images and you can get yourself a great new look which will be admired by many. Add an additional base coat and a top coat to complete your look. You just need some patience till your paint dries out completely. Once that is sorted then you are pretty much ready with your manicured nail art which is adorable and admired by many!

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