Exciting Tape Manicure Nail Art Design Step By Step Tutorial

Getting your nails done at a salon can be torridly time consuming. It is a daunting task and can take hours to get even the simplest look. And what more, you will end up spending a fortune of your precious money just to get your nails done in your desirable way. If you are looking for a do it yourself (DIY) solution to get your nails done at your home without spending those tiresome hours and hundreds of dollars then this tutorial might be exactly what you are looking for. All you require is some simple set of materials and nail polishes and you are making the impossible possible!

Get some reinforcement strips and cut them as per your desired width and keep them aside. Now paint your nails with a colored nail paint of your choice. Use this ink blue shade in the picture to get an idea. Let the nail paint dry out fully. Apply the strips which you have cut as shown in these images and place them in your desired design. Now paint your nails with black color and let the polish dry. Remove the strips from your tips and your look is now complete! You can also use basecoat and top coat additionally to get a sheer finish.

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