French Glitter Nail Ideas Step By Step Tutorials

So you are into nail art and want a twist of French into your design. Then try out this extremely simple yet stunning nail art tutorial which is adored by everyone. A beautiful nail art, French designs have always been popular and loved by all. These have been widely popular amongst people of all age groups and suit any outfit and any occasion.

Whether you are a businesswoman or college goers, you can find this nail art appealing and go with any outfit or occasion. You probably require some materials which you might have it in hand already such as nail polish and a scotch tape or reinforcement strips. French nail art is also very easy to do and one can finish it in less time than other nail arts. It requires an eye for creativity which you already have, the material implemented in the nail art and a little bit of your time.

Just start with a black polish on your nails while you allow it to dry. Then place your cut scotch tape as shown in the pictures and paint the exposed area of your nails with a silver glitter nail polish like shown in the figure. Finish your French nail art with a top coat. You have your nails ready now!

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