Balck With Golden Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art tutorials will give you the knowledge to get you painting your own Nails today.Here we speak about the different types of Nail Arts. Almost everyone loves to paint their nails.Sometimes Nail art can be complicated when you just see the finished Nail Art design, but once you read step by step nail art tutorials you will realize just how easy it is to do it yourself.Here we show you the step by step Nail Art Tutorial which is simple and Looking awesome on your nails.Just follow some simple steps:-


1. Apply a primer to the nails.The primer could be transparent nail polish or just a nail strengthener.

2. Wait the primer coat dry out.Now apply the basic color.

3. Stick French strips to the nails and apply the decorating glue.

4. Remove the strips with the help of a tweezers,clean the edges of the glue area with soft brush.

5. Then stick the foil and wait until the glue dries and tightens, it will hold the foil to the tips.

6. Apply thick layer of top coat.

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