Dark Red Ombre Lips Tutorial

A lot of you were requesting ombre lips,so starting it of with one of all fav color RED.This sexy, ombré red lip look is one you're going to want.Cold seasons allow you to wear dark colors.let’s escape from the traditional red lips for a moment. Let’s try something new and interesting – the shadow red lips. But When you add some dark shadows, let’s say black, you will create intense look, while your lips look plump and fluffy. Something like 3D effect. Take a look at the steps and I hope you will like it:

1. Remember to apply a primer on the lips when you want to wear dark lipstick. The primer will make the lips look flawless and also the lipstick will last longer than you expect.Dont forget to moisturize the lips in order to get rid of any cracks and dry cuticles. Otherwise the effect won’t be the same.

2. Then apply the red lipstick.

3. Then follow the lip border lines with a thin brush, by using one shade darker than the color of the lipstick.

4. Apply black shadow to the corners of the lips. Smudge a little bit.

5. On the top of that apply again red lipstick, but darker than the first one.

6. Use a dark red lip pencil to add some touches at the perimeter of the lips.

7. Highlight the area around the lips. Especially the corners of the lips and the cupid’s bow.

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