Sexy Ombre Lips Tutorial

When you get bored with the casual, ordinary makeup, you have to try different styles.Looking for a new spring lip. It's time to change up your predictable lip color. Here is an easy Ombre Lips Tutorial. An ombre lip is a great way to add dimension to your lips and make a skinny lip.

So come on beauties try something new and fresh Lips Makeup.When we talk about lipsticks,If your skin complexion allows it, you definitely should try to apply dark colors on your lips. But when it comes to red and pink lipstick, every woman can wear it. This color has so many different shades and most of the beauties like this color.
So, today we will work with pink colors and we will create the Ombre effect. Take a look:

1. Prepare the lips.
2. Give the moisturizer a few minutes before you move to the next step.
3. Now take hot pink lip pencil and contour the lips.
4. Thicken the line and leave only the center area of the lips nude.
5. Then apply a lipstick that is one shade lighter than the lip pencil. Apply it on the center of lips by covering just a little bit of the lip pencil. Then blend in with a lipstick brush or a finger.
6. Highlight the outer edges of the lips and you are ready with the Ombre effect of your lips.

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