Springtime Colorblock Nail Art Design Step By Step Tutorial

With just two reinforcement strips and three simple nail polish colors you can get this amazing and subtle designer nail art done within minutes. The best designs are often simple and this applies to nail arts as well. The springtime color block nail art design is the depiction of soft and bright colors of the spring in yellow, pink and blue. This nail art goes well with all outfits and is easy to do and can be completed within minutes. All it needs is drying time.

For doing this nail art at home you need two reinforcement strips cut horizontally and three colors of nail polish of your choice or you can take yellow, pink and blue like shown in the image.

Collect all the materials and start with the blue nail polish. Apply and let it set and dry. Then cover vertically one half of your tip with the reinforcement strip and paint the nail with yellow nail polish. Remove the strip and again let it dry. Now using the other reinforcement strip cover your tip horizontally like shown in this picture and paint the exposed portion of the design in pink. Remove the strip, let it dry and add a top coat to it.

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