See Here: Top 10 Problems Only Big B00tie$ Girls Can Understand

“I like big bu#s and I can not lie…” If you’ve ever dreamed about a big b00ty, it’s a perfect time to finally get it. Both ordinary people around the globe and famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are going crazy about the new hot b00ty trend.

We shake it… twerk it… show it… But there are some problems only women with big bu#s face every day. If you’re one of these girls you’ll definitely understand them. The problems are serious yet they may seem funny to you.

#10. Buying the right swimsuit is impossible

#9. While training in the gym – all eyes on you

#8. You always steal the spotlight on the dance floor

#7. Friends, family and even stranger guys can grab or slap your bu#, and they always can find excuses to this

#6. Sharing the chair with your friends is impossible

#5. Nicknames… How many of them do you have?

#4. People always tell you how jealous they are of your b00ty

#3. All skirts and dresses are always too short in the back

#2. You won’t find any jeans that correctly fit you

#1. You can’t wear short shorts


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