See Here: 17 Things You Must Do To Make A Woman Feel Better During Her Period

These points are a must to make any woman feel better while she is on her period.

1) Educate yourself.
A woman goes through several changes during her menstruation, you can not just be unaware of it all. The more you are aware of, the better you are at helping her.

2) Do not mention the PMS.
A woman knows when her PMS hits her, and she tries very hard not to let all the hormonal changes affect her daily behavior. You don't have to point it out to her that that something about her has changed.

3) Cook for them.
Periods can be extremely draining for a woman to cope up with all the blood loss, the hormonal changes, and what not, she loose a lot of energy and nutrients. Show them that you care for them and cook them healthy rejuvenating meals.

4) Get them chocolates.
Well, if you have to pamper a woman, then chocolate is the way to go!

5) Do not touch them unnecessarily.
Periods can make a woman irritated, you don't have to be one more factor triggering the irritation.

6) Do not judge them for crying.
The hormones make their emotions go wild. Be supportive, as they hardly have any control over it.

7) Help them with any sort of work.
Take some responsibility of the household chores. Don't expect her to juggle work and home.

8) Don't be embarrassed to buy their pads and tampons.
Many men shy away, but realize this is completely natural.

9) Do not breath loudly.

10) Spend time with her.
Make then feel special and loved, pay attention to them.

11) Do not make silly mistakes.
She might be patient to all your childish behavior on a daily basis, but you have to realize that the patience are lower during her period. Do not piss her off.

12) Give them a massage.
The entire body aches during periods. The groin, stomach, breasts, back, everything. Give them massages and help them relax.

13) Turn on your romantic side.
Women love it when you go the extra mile and make them feel special.

14) Watch movies with her.
You prioritizing her makes her feel special, it comforts her.

15) Do not ask for $ex.
Like having their bodies gush blood is not tiring enough, and you want to involve them in another exhausting activity?!

16) prepare their hot water bags.
The hot water bags help with the aches.

17) Be a listener.
Do not ramble about your petty little problems, listen to them, make them feel heard and loved. Again, do these things everyday, show her you love her!


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