17 Things You Must Do To Make A Woman Feel Better During Her Period

Usually, men are extremely unaware of the female body, not in its form, but in its functioning. We are hardly aware of the monthly menstruation, the changes that occur in a woman's body during pregnancy, and the changes female body undergoes after pregnancy, menopause, all of it. Our lack of knowledge on the subject makes us unsupportive or of no help to them.

Menstruation is an extremely difficult time for woman's body. There are hormonal changes, mood swings, flow, and many other things.

It's important we educate ourselves and the next generation on this topic and help our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, fiances, wives, friends and all the other women in our lives, have a more comortable period. To start off, here are 18 things you should do when a woman is on her period.

You must do these things on a daily basis and not only during her period, because hey, if they are special, they are worth the trouble.

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