See Here: Things You Probably Didn't Know Existed! #6 is too cool!

#1 Drone Waiter
Great, another excuse for the world to be lazier!

#2 Swagged Out Acne Kit
When they hate on you for the pimples, remember you got that SWAG!

#3 Cat Macaroon Bed
Cats just love feeling like their being smothered right?

#4 Killing The Vibes
But wait, why would they want to be separated?!

#5 Catch-It-All Bib
Maybe instead we just teach our kids to be cleaner? Just a thought!

#6 Fold-able wall mounted BBQ
We can see a house fire just WAITING to happen

#7 Mac & Cheese Lip Balm
Buy this if you want to be HUNGRY all. day. long.

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