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Cool Capricorn

Goats have a naturally chilly disposition. With their frosty natures, they can often appear to be colder than the ice-caps on Mount Everest. You might even find them camping out on the summit because they were born to climb socially. Goat guys and gals don't believe in excessive displays of emotion and will walk away from drama-induced situations.

It's not that they don't care. They do. But as an earth sign, they are grounded in reality. This gives them a certain sharpness that can be misinterpreted as a lack of compassion. It's worth remembering then, when you turn to your significant goat (or goatette), you might not get those coveted cuddles. However, you'll find comfort and solace in their worldly wisdom and practical advice.

Angry Aries

As fire signs go, Aries folk certainly live up to their reputation for being hot-headed heavies. The rambunctious rams can rant and rage, letting off steam like a locomotive engine. Like the Spring weather they are born into, they are blustery and prone to showers of indignation.

However, the combatative approach of Aries is not born out of badness and it's certainly not premeditated. It's more a case of simple impatience. Because of their zest and enthusiasm to get things done, they frequently land themselves in hot water. The rageful ram's saving grace is that their outbursts don't last long and peace can restored within a blink of an eye.

Lukewarm Libra

Laid back and lackadaisical, Librans are experts at sitting on the fence. They are notorious for weighing up the pros and cons just like the symbol of the scales suggest. They believe in equality and justice and that's what causes their inherent dithering.

They find it almost impossible to make major commitments which causes friction in their relationships. People born under this sign are often accused of being lazy, but it's their indecisiveness and inability to stay the course that has earned them a bad press. It's no surprise then when people complain about their 'airy-fairy' attitude.

Crabby Cancer

Crabby lads and ladies suffer from continuously, shifting mood patterns. As a water sign, they are prone to frequent emotional outbursts, and they tend to drag their negative nuances into all areas of life. The word 'lunatic' is derived from the Latin word ‘luna’, meaning all things related to the moon.

This is why Cancerians can often be perceived to be a tad temperamental. Crustacious crabs and crabettes can be real wet blankets. They are sensitive creatures and when hurt, they scuttle back under their protective shells. They can remain there for months or even years. If you find yourself at the receiving end of a cross Cancerian, it's best to leave well enough alone.

Sinister Sagittarius

Sagittarians are born philosophers. They think, therefore they are. One would be inclined to believe that deep thinking makes for balanced viewpoints but not so with these fiery folk. Soothsaying Sagittarians spend vast amounts of time living inside their heads. They may well ponder the universe or agonize over worldly issues but all that mental concentration has adverse effects.

Archers naturally obsess about everything and that includes their own perceived slights. They can become extremely spiteful and their sinister retaliations can be lethal. If you're not convinced of their potential for poisonous payback, picture the Sagittarius symbol; the archer, poised with bow and arrow aiming straight at their target. That target is probably you.

Virtuous Virgo

The problem with Vulcan-ruled people is their constant carping and harsh criticism. Virgo people can cut you down to size with their sharp tongue and are quick to point out faults and indiscrepancies. The irony is, they rarely own up to their own flaws and foibles.

The Virgo's judgmental nature stems from a deep insecurity within their own psyche. Unfortunately, they project it on to those closest to them. This blind-spotting on self can alienate them from family and friends. It's true to say, when faced with a dose of their own medicine, the Virgo will stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that their endless disapproval of others is a reflection of their own poor self-image.

Larger than life Leo

Lions and lionesses often end up in leadership roles because they thrive on attention and flattery, but as their leonine nature suggests, they'll basically do anything to get there. Propelled by ego, the Leo will stop at nothing to achieve fame and fortune.

They tend to trample over everybody else's dreams in an attempt to be the best. The lions pushy, pedantic ways can irritate and alienate. They usually get whatever they want and end up sitting on their regal thrones where think think they belong. However, the Kings and Queens of this notoriously bossy sign may very well find themselves minus their loyal subjects.

Pouting Pisces

The wishy-washy Piscean can be a real damp squid. They are soppy sentimentalists who get tangled up in emotions. They are intuitively sensitive and take things to heart. Being around a fishy guy or gal can be hard work. As their confidence bruises so easily they can quickly become their own worst enemy.

Pisceans live in an alternative dream world of conjured ideals and romantic yearnings. They often develop addictions as they are allergic to reality. A clinging Pisces is no fun to be around and they'd fair better if they learned that other people are not responsible for their happiness.

Spiteful Scorpio

The Scorpion has a sting in it's tail and if you've been lucky enough to avoid it's deadly venom, you're doing well. No other sign in the zodiac can hold a grudge longer than a scowling Scorpio. Once wronged, expect to be treated like an acquaintance forever more.

On the surface, they may appear to have forgiven you, but don't be fooled, Scorpio never forgets. These folks are ruled by Pluto; a planet we are only recently becoming acquainted with. Plutonians have the ability to plot and plan revenge on a grand scale. They won't think twice about the damage they are apt to cause another's reputation and they'll wait until the end of time to get even.

Erratic Aquarius

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are extremely difficult to define. Their personalities can change several times in just one day. One moment they are expressive, lively and engaging, then suddenly they veer course. This unpredictability is the only predictable thing about them.

Erratic Aquarians are not deliberately trying to annoy you. They don't like to be confined or labelled and feel compelled to try new things at will. It is their inconsistency that has spawned some of the greatest inventors and genius' to ever grace the earth. The nest time you feel exasperated by the irregular behavior of your Aquarius loved one, just think; they could be the very person who turns up a cure for cancer.

Gemini Guile

A Gemini usually knows how to manipulate circumstances with an expertise second to none. They have the gift of the gab. Their convictions are always expressed with articulation and intelligence, giving the impression that they truly do know it all, but tread warily; there's always an ulterior motive behind the Gemini's charm.

As the symbol depicts, those governed by the planet Mercury have two sides to their shady character. They may show you their innocent right hand while the left one is busy tearing you down. This duality has earned them a reputation for being two-faced and underhanded. The twin aspects of Mercurial men and women can cause a great deal of pain.

Temperamental Taurus

The Taurean temper is legendary. They are naturally stubborn and can dig their heels in so deep you'll wonder if their rage will ever run it's course. The phrase 'bull in a china shop' depicts their frightening furies with pristine clarity.

If your loved one is a Taurean and about to blow his/her stack, you'd best just run for the hills. It takes a long time for them to calm down and come to their senses. Taureans are ruled by the planet Venus, which pertains to all matters concerning control, and this is what gives Taureans their bullish bravado. But that's all it is; a well rehearsed act. Deep down, the bulls are closet teddy bears.

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