See Here: Bad Tattoo Mistakes FIXED!

#1 Yep, Getting His Name Was A Mistake
But it came out so pretty!

#2 Cheese
The old one made her look sick. Smart move on the retouch.

#3 RAWR!
From a crusty clown to a fearsome bear.

#4 The Ex Factor
He turned his ex into the symbol of death. Fitting

#5 Sunny Day
But was the first one acrab?

#6 Double Fail
Double fail for having a tramp stamp AND an ex's name.

#7 Cold As Ice
We're guessing the first tatt was a piece of ice...

Hmmm. Trying to decide if the new one is actually WORSE.

#9 Happens To The Best Of Us
Because when the mistake is too big, you insert a witty saying.

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