See Now: Man Photographs Deadly Fight Between Killer Sea Snake And Dangerous Stonefish

Such a scene!
Two metres long snake and a giant stone fish were fiercely into a fight. They were looking in no mood to leave without killing each other. Mr Rick was passing the place in his motor boat when he had to turn his boat to click this epic battle in his camera.

A serious try!
He told- "‘The fish had a great hold on the sea snake and both looked very sad. I’m not too sure I’ve ever seen a snake looking sad before.’ His experience worked well for him and after a hard try, he was finally able to break their enmity.

Epic click!
Things soon changed. He put both of them back into the Darwin's harbour thinking that they will both go on their individual way. But actually they again started fighting as if they were enemies forever.

Sadly, they both lost the fierce battle and nobody came out as a winner. Mr Rick thought it was because they were both poisoned as both of these species are highly poisonous.

Mr. Spear Fisherman.. Hence proved!
This guy has done it several times before, he was seen patting a wild Tiger Shark in a viral video. This Darvin club president and his team were also seen saving the life of a horse who fell into the harbour consisting crocodiles! Share the story of this popular guy and an epic battle!


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