See Now: 15 Incredible Celebrity Transformations In The Past Five Years

1. Rob Kardashian
Although the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star has recently posted his new slimmed up picture on Instagram. He had transformed "heavily" in those 5 years.

2. Jennifer Lawrence
The Hunger Games star seems to have transformed herself from a girl next door into a classy lady!

3. Renee Zellweger
The Academy award winner has done it all. Looked beautiful, turning into not so beautiful and then getting back to the beautiful avatar.

4. Lana Del Rey
Also known as Lizzy Grant, she is looking to have changed from beautiful blonde to a lovely brunette.

5. Zac Efron
The heartthrob of girls and High School Musical star did not have to put a lot of hard work to look completely different. He just went to gym and cut his hair.

6.Miley Cyrus
This is possibly the biggest transformation. She was once an ideal for every Disney follower and now moms hate her. But we still love her. No everyone has the courage to be themselves.

7. Justin Beiber
Child sensation has to turn someday into a gentleman and that's how he grew. He changed his style but still is a super hit.

8. Chris Pratt
Needless to say, the Jurassic world star has really worked hard on his "complete head to toe" transformation.

9. Nicole Donovan
She is aging graciously!

10. Khloe Kardashian
This incredible figured TV star has just minimized that belly to perfection.

11. Kesha
Only her beautiful rainbow hair. But she surely looks a newer version of herself.

12. Jared Leto
This American singer and songwriter chose a serious look over a dude look!

13. Bradley Cooper
This big name has transformed not only his looks but his career too to a better level.

14. Taylor Swift
This comparison says it all about what happens when a singer turns into a star singer who is always at the top of any musical chart.

15. Ariana Grande
She became a star at a very young age of 20 and hence underwent a transformation not only in her looks but in every way.


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