See Here: There Are Two Types Of People In The World...

#1 Getting Up In The Morning

Are you a snoozer, or do you need multiple alarms?

#2 App Organization
Some people have folders for their apps, and some have their apps anywhere they land when downloaded. Which are you?

#3 Enter Your Birthday

There are those who enter their actual birth date, and then there are those who just use the first date in the drop down.

#4 Reading

How do you mark where you stopped reading? A bookmark keeps the book pristine, but dog earring is just easier.

#5 Chocolate

Is it just anal to break off a complete square or are you just reckless if you bite into the whole bar?

#6 Rubik's Cube

Some people would never be able to leave the cube unsolved.

#7 Ketchup

Do you ketchup all your fries or dip one at a time into a blop of ketchup?

#8 Google

Those who click "I'm feeling lucky" usually are quite lucky.

#9 # Hasthags

Are you a chronic hashtagger?

#10 Headphones

Earbuds or a headset? Once cancels noise better, the other is easier to transport and conceal.

#11 Old School Vs. Digital

Do you prefer a hard copy of a book, or is reading it on your device much easier.

#12 Your Messages

Some people can't leave just one message unopened, but those who can just ignore over a thousand messages really do live a free life.

#13 Pizza

Where do you start eating your pizza slice?

#14 Colors

Are you red or blue?

#15 Your Ringer

It is more polite to leave your phone on vibrate while at work, in a meeting, out to dinner, or anywhere that you shouldn't be diverting your attention with a phone call.

#16 A Sandwich

How you slice your sandwich says a lot about you. Most people slice their sandwich straight up the middle.

#17 Proactive Or Reactive

If you fly by the seat of your pants, you might just get burned. Better stock up on that aloe.

#18 Fork Vs. Chopsticks

Do as they do. It's actually easier to pick up sushi with chopsticks than a fork.

#19 Tabs Or Pages

You can open a bunch of tabs, or a bunch of pages. One is messier, one is more streamlined. Which are you?

#20 Over Or Under

Does it really matter? This mismatch has broken up marriages.

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