This Man Was Bitten By A Mosquito, What Happened To His Face Is Horrifying

There are so many different diseases which were caused by mosquito bites like malaria, dengue and so on. Mosquitoes are very tiny creatures but spreads terrible diseases.
A 30-year-old Mr. Zhang was bitten by a mosquito on May 26.

After some time, his face became extremely swollen he couldn’t even open his eyes. His lips could be likened because of swelling.
On June 15, he had a 39 degrees Celsius body temperature. But apart from the fever, he had no other symptoms. On June 29, he consulted a doctor.Doctors claimed that this is the mosquito bite and that there was no specific treatment.They could only recommend ice to lessen the swelling of Mr. Zhang’s face, to relieve his pain and discomfort.

Another Dr. Dai Tao, director of Luoyang Oriental Hospital, said that Mr. Zhang’s condition was extremely rare, because other than the swelling of his face, nothing was seemed to be wrong with him.
The doctor added that the swelling was the patient’s reaction to the bite which could have been more poisonous than typical bites.
Due to frequent leaves for medical treatment, Mr. Zhang was dismissed by his employer from work this July and is now resting at home.
This is what really happens inside you when a mosquito bites.

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