OMG!! This Nursery School Teacher Has Been Crying White “Crystals” For 20 Years - Must Watch

Eyes are one of the most important and most useful of the 5 senses. Not only does our eyesight affect our lives but also the human body. Without this the five senses would not be complete. Can you imagine that a woman who cries white crystals!Yes it is true, the lady name Laura Ponce who suffers from a bizarre that causes her to cry mysterious white.

The white crystal are soft in start, but it gets hard when she blinks and comes out as solid white crystals.

It gets really hard, it hurts a lot.She has been suffering this condition for 20 years. The crystals come out of her eyes for weeks at a time as new white plaque forms and emerges continuously.
Sometimes it gets so bad that she has to miss work to remove 30 plaque members from her eyes in just one day.

Laura first noticed it when she was 15 years old. The doctor also was mystified. Now laura is 35, but she still has not found a cure and no one could explain why this mysterious condition has plagued her.

Luckily, a new ophthalmologist Dr. Raul Goncalves, who claims he can cure her condition.

Dr. Goncalves prescribed silver nitrate eye drops to help relieve her painful condition and it seemed effective because Laura has now been experiencing fewer infections. The hardworking nursery teacher is now able to go back to work but she still is not completely cured.


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