This Man Is So Depressed, But He Finds Comfort With His Realistic-Looking Doll Daughter

Some people show ways of loving differently. What may seem odd to others may seem like the ray of positive light that makes a person human and lovable. Such is the case of a Chinese man who took on a family in a form of a doll.

Song Bo was diagnosed with a serious illness years ago. He experienced a lot of headaches and pain, and because of this he became depressed. He was led to believe that he would never be able to marry or have children, as most men do.

But, fate has its way of changing his life. One day, while browsing the web, he came across a website called Taobao that offers a child-sized love doll.

He then bought a 4’10 doll for $2,200 and instantly fell in love with it.

It may have been just a well-made, realistic-looking doll, but for Song Bo it’s someone important.

Much like people who long for a child, Song Bo started treating the doll like his daughter.

He brings it along all his trips, and so a girl he calls Xiao Die “little butterfly” made his days brighter.

Song Bo is not alone, he lives with his mother who like any other mother loves Song Bo enough, that she posed no objections when he brought the doll, or his “daughter” into their lives. Like any supportive mother (to kids who bring home pets maybe or find imaginary friends) she decided to be open and didn’t tell him that treating it like a real child isn’t normal.

Probably, Song bo’s mom noticed the positive effect it had on her depressed son.

Song Bo seems to be happy with his doll daughter just like a regular “father-daughter” tandem, enjoying their days in cinemas and cafes.

His face reflects genuine care and happiness, as though he is really with a real child.

Some may see their relationship as sad and strange, but it is indeed heartwarming…

How someone finds love no matter in what form it may be.

May this relationship allow us to be more loving towards our families. And may we be moved to be more compassionate towards people with depression. If they have the capacity to show tenderness towards dolls, imagine how loving they could be too if given the chance.

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