This Device Solves One Of The Most Common Healthcare Problems. Totally Genius

Nobody, young or old, likes getting shots or blood drawn. But it's extra painful and troubling if you have "shy veins" that are difficult for nurses and physician's assistants to locate.

A Memphis-based company called Christie Medical Holdings has designed the space-age Vein Viewer, a harmless infrared light that allows the patient's veins to glow bright teal for easy access. By locating the hemoglobin in the blood, the Vein Viewer can find veins up to nearly half an inch deep. The VeinViewer is small enough to be handheld or attached to a moveable rig that can quickly and easily scan a patient's skin. The president of Christie Medical boasts that the device's clinical studies have shown a 100% patient satisfaction with the increase of what they call "first-stick success," that is, finding the vein on the first poke.

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