Teenager gave birth in factory toilet then abandoned baby and rushed back to work

Arrested: Teenager Ding Xiaoying was tracked down by police after a security guard reported the incident

A teenager gave birth in a factory toilet and then abandoned her baby to rush back to work.

Factory worker Ding Xiaoying, 17, was too ashamed to tell anyone she was pregnant after her boyfriend gave her £100 before walking out the door, it is claimed.

Panicked Ding, who said she feared losing her job, dashed home to change her clothes after the delivery, before resuming her shift.

Abandoned: The baby, who was left in a toilet cubicle, was saved after a security guard heard it crying

But the child was saved by female security guard Shi Feng, 30, who said she heard the sound of a baby crying.

After making the shock discovery in the toilet cubicle, she reported the incident to police.

Ding, from Wenzhou, China, who was later arrested, said: "I was afraid to tell my parents because I knew they would scold me. I didn’t tell any of my workmates because I don’t really have any friends. Nobody cares about me."

She was taken to hospital for a check-up, where doctors said she was in good physical health but needed more psychological support.

Ding will be kept under observation and doctors have said they will allow her to spend more time with her child so they can form a relationship.

Ding’s family said they would have taken care of her had they known about the pregnancy.

The other women who lived with Ding said they had no idea she was pregnant.

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