Fix Your Broken Nails Using Tea Bags

You have a beautiful manicure, you are wearing your best dress and you are prepared for an important evening, but just when you decide to reach into your purse to find your lipstick one nail cracks! Imagine what a horrible situation that is. However you don’t need to panic.

Although it usually means that you have to shorten up your nail all the way to the end, or (even worse) shorten up all your nails to the same length, there is a little trick that can help you “fix” your nails.

Here we will present you this magnificent trick that can help you “fix” your broken nail. The only thing that you need for this amazing trick is an ordinary tea bag.

The paper from which they made tea bags is sufficiently thin and flexible which means that it can temporally replace the top of your nail. This paper is so light so you won’t even notice it.


Cut the bag to the width which corresponds to a particular finger nail.
Paint the nail with a transparent nail polish. Now before the nail polish dries, you need to sticks the paper on the broken nail (starting from the half of your fingernail).

Wait for the nail polish to dry and then you need to shape the upper part of your nail so that it matches the other nails.

For the finish all you need to is apply a transparent nail polish on your nails and wait for it to dry.

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