Common Beauty Mistakes You May Be Making Daily - Must See

You can easily find out the flaws in other, but this time try it over yourself. SO let’s go

Extra strong smell: having perfume and doe's is necessary rule of getting ready, but bathing with a perfume makes a girl perfume bottle rather than just a girl.

Foundation disasters: don’t apply foundation in excess which looks like a foundation cake our face and looks really odd and definitely you don’t like it.

Glittery shadows: don’t show off your wrinkles and fine lines by applying glittery eye shadows at your 40's. If you are not a teen then start using matte instead of glitter.

Mascara: long lashes are beautiful and stunning, but mascara clumps are definitely not. SO if you want to impress your men then be careful.

Screaming legs: this is for those girls who prefer shaving over waxing. Girl’s boys like smooth and soft legs not smooth and spike legs.

Awful breath: don’t be lazy in brushing your teeth twice a day because if your mouth smells awful it will ruin lipstick of thousands.

Lip-glosses: do you want to see a man who is caring food in his mustache? I hope your answer in no with a fake smile. In the same manner, even boys don’t like a girl who is having foot cramps in her Lip-gloss. Lip-glosses, more or less look like glittery glue which stick food cramps with lips.

Lip liner: lip liners are not meant to outline your lips, which more or less looks like a kid's art and crafts book. Lip liners are used to create a line so that you don’t mess up your lipstick with your foundation. So think twice before you apply it.

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