5 Intense Metallic Eye Looks

Metallic Eyes: if you like to go against the winds then this eye look is perfect. Present days Smokey eyes in the trend, try out this metallic eye.

Cosmic Shadows: the shining eyes attract everyone towards you and make compliments all you. Start the look with darkcolour and go towards light colour. In last put some eye liner and false lashes.

Yellow smoke: if you are in love with Smokey eyes but want to try something new with the same pattern then this yellow smoke is perfect for you. Golden colour adds more drama to your dramatic Smokey eyes.

Dark Line: dark lines are one of the oldestways to make your eyes dramatic which is used by Egyptians. And dark lines of eye liner or eye shadows make your eyes playful and with you can get ready for your night party.

Day and night: this is the perfect way to use all the vibrant colours together like yellow, pink, black. If you want to look great, bold, hotter and set yourself as style statement, then this look will definitely help you. And eye liner and false lashes add more drama to your eyes.

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