Which One is Your Nail - Type 1,2,3,4, or 5?

What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And Emotions.
Very long nail: they are low in energy and have a tendency of depression and lethargy.

Very Short Nail: they have very high level of energy. They are talkative by nature; they are lively and outgoing by nature.

Square, Flat Nails: born with the sigh of heart diseases.

Wide Nail Surface: they are the owners of good height and weight but a little lazy kind of people. They generally have lungs issues.

Triangular Shaped Nails: their problematic area of hormone deficiency. But they also have a wide range of problems.

Trapezoid Shaped Nails: they have a strong and different personality but suffering from any physiological issues

Spatula Shaped Fingertip with Wide Nail: they have no health issue, not particular not in general too. They are very observant kind of people.

Narrow and Tight Nails: they are very health conscious kind of people. They have their own diet plans.

Concave Nail: they have hereditary traits of alcoholism and other mental disorder, which affect their functionality.

Convex: they have problem of cough, cold and throat issues more often.

Olive Pit Nails: these people generally suffers from low cardiovascular system and poor arterial health. They have nervous emotion system.

Sharp Curve and Point to Nail Tip: they have a problem like asthma; they don’t even have a personality and character.

Ball Shaped Nail: this nail is not so common type. This nail is not found easily, and it is attached to the kidney and lungs.

Brittle, Flaking Nail Tips: this is not any nail type or natural. Use of soap or detergent in excess will lead to this damage of nails. Or

excessive application or removal of nail paints also harmful. You can use good cream before going to bed.

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