How Would You React? Ten Male Bad Habits Women Can't Stand.

The Wolf Whistle: no one like to get a whistle whether it’s a girl or boy. But fact is mostly girls are victim of it. So, stop doing it now.

Not Paying Attention: girls have the trait by birth of being attention seeker. So properly pay your attention to them.

Not Doing Your Chores: girls love to cook for you, but that doesn’t mean they are meant form household work only. If you avoid doing those works which are agreed on, it will lead you towards a downfall of your relationship.

Leaving Hair in the Sink: stop leaving hairs in the sink or everywhere else, otherwise you have a big fight soon.

Inappropriate Behavior in Public: boys maintain your behavior in public, girls doesn’t like too much of excessive cruelty or even your too much of love too. If you really want your girl only yours, then no excuse will be acceptable.

Not Wearing Clean Clothes: when you live with your boys group everything will be accepted from dirty underpants to worn shocks, but with girls there are unspoken rules for every single thing you wear.

The Importance of Hygiene: for a girl hygiene is of utmost importance. She is not going to sleep with you if you don’t bath for more than two days, or even don’t talk to you if your breath smells bad.

Smell: girls really don’t get impressed like boy if they fart or bump into a group. So avoid the situation to avoid any big damage.

Leaving the Toilet Seat Up: girls don’t like a guy who has a bad habit of not closing the toilet seat. And definitely you are not the one which she dream of.

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