Trick For Tight Bouffant Ponytail

To make a tight bouffant ponytail you must follow the following tips-

Do not heat your hair while they are wet.

Remove the tangles of your hair first with the help of your fingers.

Apply a good nourishing mask to your hair before making a bouffant ponytail.

Tease the crown area of the hair and apply a lot of hair spray in order to gain a lot of volume in that specific area.

Smoothen the top area and gather all the hair in the hand and bring them to the back of the head.

The trick here is that when you hold the hair with one hand, stick a bobby pin vertically in the base of the ponytail.

Attach elastic to the hair pin.

Wrap them together with your hair in such a way that your hair secured nice and proper.

Hide the elastic with a piece of your hair from the tail.

So we see that a number of things can be done as a trick before making this kind of ponytail and of course while making it too. Prepare a good mask for your hair before making this particular style.

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