Sideways French Nail Art Design Step By Step

Sideways French nail art design is a unique art form and is very cool when it comes to looks. You first have to perform French manicure on your nails. With some lovely pastel shades you can always predecide which color costume you wish to wear. And accordingly you can create a sideways French nail art design onto your nails. It is sideways because glitters or stones can be stuck on the sideways of the nails depending upon which color you wish to wear on your nails.

Things that you require to create this nail art-

• Top coat
• Pastel color nail polish
• Silver glitter
• Silver rhinestones
• Toothpicks
• Tweezers

How to apply-

Apply a pastel colored nail polish at-least two coats onto your nails.

While the top coat is still not dry allow rhinestones to stick on them with the help of tweezers onto the nails.

Paint with another coat adding some slitters on the sideways.

So we see that creating this form of nail art is pretty simple. It is indeed a cool nail art form when it comes to doing it yourself. You can check out various tutorials for the same.

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