Natural Remedies to Get Rid from Dark Lips

Lemon Honey Lip Serum:

Sleep With Glycerine:

A Beetroot Slice:

Keep Your Body Hydrated:

Observe Your Lip Products:

Your smile defines character. So every person is in need of a happy smile. But the factor that affects your smile is lips. If your lips are soft, pinkish then it automatically attracts people towards you. Dark lips are a weakest part of your personality. Buying a costly cosmetic is not the coolest idea, because it affects more your pocket then your lips. And many of us can’t afford this extravagant expense. So if you want an impressive personality, attractive smile, then why don’t you try to go natural? Mother Nature definitely helps you, because every mother loves to help her child.

1. Lemon: Lemon contains vitamin c, which helps in lightening the dark skin. We can easily use it in every Body part, whether its lips, face, hands or legs. But you have been very careful while using.

2. Rose: rose is a natural cooling element, as you use rose water often for your face. It also has soothing and moisturizing elements. It will add natural pink color to your dark lips to make them bright and shine.

3. Olive Oil: olive oil has several nutrients. And the best part is it also helps in smoothing of your lips. Gives nourishment and add shine to your lips. After using olive oil your lips become softer and more beautiful.

4. Sugar: sugar is best for exfoliating dead skin from your body. Mixing it with lemon or other products helps you in removing dead skin.

5. Beetroot: Beetroot is red in color. When you eat it normally, it color’s your lips and tongue. So just think how magically it will work when you use it properly for your lips.

These are the few natural remedies, but nature contains many others as well.

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