Best 5 Simple Tips to Reduce Skin Pigmentation

Flawless skin is one of the dreams that every girl has. And girls are never tired of appreciation about her hairs, her skin or her outlook. This appreciation boosts the confidence in a girl. But when a girl need flawless skin the most, that time she is facing the skin pigmentation at higher. Sometimes unhealthy eating habits are the factor and sometimes external factors are affecting the skin. If now you are thinking that what exactly flawless skin is? Then the answer is skin free from any dark spot, any marks, and any discoloration. So, here are a few simple tips to reduce the skin pigmentation and make your skin flawless.

1. Homemade Face Packs: you cannot use market face pack daily. It will hurt your skin more rather than curing it. So, you can use homemade natural face packs like honey with lime juice, ground almonds with curd, rose water and lime juice, gram flour with curd and turmeric, rice flour with curd.

2. Multani Mithi or Fuller Earth: This is an ancient pack.Because people use this pack,since the period of Ayurveda’s. And it’s an amazing and extremely effective for pigmentation. This reduces oil secretion and removes scars. Use it with lemon juice and rose water.

3. Say no to Bleaching: if you are habitual of using bleach for every small reason. Then you should avoid it completely, if you want to remove pigmentation and want a flawless skin.

4. Scrubbing: scrubbing is one of the important beauty treatments. It exfoliates dirt, dead cells and other impurities in just five minutes. It makes your skin look fresh. But don’t try this when you have pimples.

5. Sunscreen: avoid skin exposure in sun to reduce pigmentation.

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