Upgrade Braid into Large Strand Braid - Hairstyle Tutorial

The strand braid is the upgraded version of the normal braid that we usually make. This will be converting 3 separate braids into one common braid hence it is also called as the triple braid. Since it required making total of 4 braids and hence it takes a bit of time. But the time taken here is worth of the beauty that you are going to get.

First get your hairs comb so as to make them straight and smooth.

Now make 3 independent and separate braids, one in the middle while two on each side.

While you are making braid, keeping your hairs engaged with the comb is good practice so as to avoid hairs being messed with the other braid.

Now pick all the three braids and put them into one complex and thick braid.

At the tip of the braid, put elastic to finish the final tail.

This is your upgraded braid or triple braid. This is one of the strong hair styles which don’t get disturbed so easily. You can use it either on casual or many a times in formal occasions.

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