How to Do Different Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail is the simplest of the hairstyles. Although it requires least of the efforts but it has numerous ways of making a ponytail. Ponytail has so many versions namely high ponytail, low ponytail, twisted ponytail etc. Today we will be seeing twisted ponytail which we will be doing step by step. Follow this tutorial along with us and get your hairs shaped.

First apply the hairclip to your hairs nearby the ears.

Do it for both sides so as to fix some hairs on both sides.

Now the hairs left in the middle, put elastic to make the regular ponytail.

If the elastic is too big, make it go twice.

Now remove the hair clip and twist the hairs towards the back of your head.

This way you will be having two twisted braids of hairs originating from each side.

Cross them together around the elastic of the ponytail and hide the final tails within the bundle.

You need to make some round of the hairs around the elastic to make it thicker.

Apply hair pins to keep hairs in place, well aligned and matched.

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