Pretty as a Peacock - Brushes Technique Nail Art Tutorial

I hope there is no sense asking the question do you like peacock, as everyone likes it and it is because of the beauty of the so many colors arrange so nicely to give this wonderful look. Today we are going to prepare the coloring pattern of peacock on to your nails in this nail art tutorial. We will be using so many colors and will be doing our hands dirty, so be ready.

First apply the base color to start with to your nails.

Now apply a thin layer of base coat over the base color.

Pick up the different colors and apply them firmly on to your nails, keeping a slight spacing between all.

Now grab the small brush and mould the color lines to move to different directions as per the color.

This completes your pretty as peacock nail art.

You can go further by creating more different color combinations and the line pattern drawn here can also be modified. Further play with it to see what more interesting can be done. Once finished completely show the nail art to your friends and relatives and surely they will like it.

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