Ponytail With Cuff Braid Step By Step

This braid tutorial is perfect for formals, proms or weddings. It’s also a gorgeous style to wear any day, even with any outfit. So here we have a new hairstyle for you which looks awesome and very easy to create.

1. Comb your hair nicely to remove any knots.
2. Take small amount of hair from left and start making Dutch braid.
3. Start adding more hair with the left and right sides as you braid under into the middle.
4. Finish your braid and secure the end with a clear hair elastic.
5. Stretch the braid out. Repeat the same step for other side as pictured.
6. Join the two braid at the back of your head with an elastic band.
7. You can use Hair accessory of your choice to cover your hair elastic and for more nice look.

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