Beachy Waves Nail Designs Step By Step

Looking for a nail design for summer then you are in the perfect place. Put the waves of the beach on your nails for a different looking manicure. This design looks complex, but it is actually very simple to make. Follow the steps given and have fun with the beachy waves look.
Take a look:

1. Take a small sized sponge and apply the light brown, turquoise and blue over the sponge as pictured.
2. Start dabbing the sponge to the nails so the nail polish transfers to them.
3. Take a plastic cup with water.Put a few drops of white nail polish into the cup of water and spray some hairspray over it, you can use acetone also.
4. The polish will start spreads like a spider web.
5. Dab one finger into the water so the polish sticks to it.
6. Repeat step 4 and 5 to all nails, you can apply only on one nail too.
7. Take a cotton pad with some acetone and remove the excess polish from the skin around the nails.
8. Let the nails dry completely. You are done.

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