# Mark Makeup

Mark makeup is new in trends and simply requires pencil shaped make up sketches to give you the makeup you want to apply. It normally looks like the birth mark and looks so adorable when applied properly. It is basically applied to eyes to give them new trendy look. Today we will be taking this tutorial on talking to you about the mark makeup where we will be creating # in the beginning and then transform it to the well shaped makeup.

Pick up the color of your choice from your makeup it. Here we are talking about the dark pencil colors which are especially for the mark makeup.

Make a # mark on to your eye just above the upper lash line.

This mark will work as the workout boundary for our makeup art.

Now continue to fill it properly up to the desired length and breadth as you wish to.

Your mark makeup is perfectly done and it can be achieved in many ways depending upon the mark choice you are making and color you chooses for the combination. This is a single color makeup art as we don’t create a multiple color pattern.

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