Make Twisted Flip Bun in 2 Minutes - Hairstyle Tutorial

Looking for a gorgeous hairstyle, then try this one.The Twisted Flip Bun in just 2 Minutes.Its really looks good, fit for every occasion and less time consuming.If you are in hurry and get ready for the engagement party of your friend then this one is the best.Try it and have fun with flip bun.Just follow the steps given below:

1. Back comb your hair nicely.Then make a ponytail of all hair and secure it with Thin elastic band.

2. Create a gap between the ponytail as shown in picture.

3. Take whole ponytail from the end and pass it from the gap you made.

4. Then divide it into two parts and stretch like to make a knot as pictured.

5. After that tease all hair of the ponytail, then comb smoothly and move upword to the base of the ponytail like a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

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