Easy Elegant Chignon for Long Hair

One of the great advantages of long hairs is that you can adapt to any hairstyle that you want to and it suits your stuff also. Either you make simple braid or make bun, it looks pretty nice and adds beauty to your complete dress up. Today we will be making another chignon which is elegant enough to make you feel pleasurable and it is pretty simple.

First you need to spray your hairs using the normal hair spray that you use at your home.

Now at the top of the head you need to curl up the hairs.

Place the curls in place using the hair clips.

For the hairs behind the back of your neck you need to make two portions and wrap them around.

At the utmost bottom you need to tie the elastic.

Now use comb to straighten the hairs.

Pick the tail and fold it back to create the bun kind.

Now pick the hairs from the top and make some crosses to give the elegance.

Finally one more time spray the hairs to give the shine.

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