Lemon Nail Polish Step By Step

It’s the hot summer and everyone loves to have lemon which freshens them and removes the sweat instant. How about the lemon texture on to your nails? Sounds cool na? Yes today we are going to make lemons on your nails using this lemon nail polish step by step tutorial.

First apply the base coat to your nails so that to avoid the damage caused by the chemicals of nail polish.

Now paint your nails in white using the white nail paint.

Now gently apply the yellow nail paint on to your nail since the primary color of the lemon in yellow.

Apply yellow by leaving a boundary across the edges of your nail.

Now starting from the center of nail, keep pulling white cross action lines towards outside.

These white lines will be the symbol of internal division within the lemon.

To dray seeds, once again use the white color and place in into each section.

Your watery fresh lemons are ready which are nourishing your nails and seeing them you will also be nourished. I hope you applied the art to rest of your nails.

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