Flower Nail Art Designs Tutorial

With flower everywhere around in the party, isn’t it good to have flowers on your nails too. Today we will be going ahead in this tutorial to teach you how you can draw flowers on to your nails and we assure you that we will be covering each individual step so that to make you learn this.
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We will be using nail extensions to increase the length of nails.

Extensions come in different shape and sizes; you should choose the one according to your choice.

Now start drawing flowers using the blue and white nail paint. The flowers should extend from your
artificial nail to the original natural nail.

This complete nail art is appraised when all fingers are displaying the perfect and matching art.

So we will be making it like 3-4 flower branches with a single flower on each.

In the end put some sparks on to the top of nails so as to feel like the crystals.

Your nails are adding beauty to this world and the one who will be seeing this. You should give yourself a tap on the back for such brilliant effort.

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